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    Carrier Performance Boost 80 Manual

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    This indicates fault 33, on inside of access panel will tell you faulty switch. Www.gray Each color will also flash a specific number of times to signify a specific error. 4 redcolored flashes may be signaling that the 'high-limit' switch might be open. 3 green colored flashes on your furnace has the same meaning as 2 green colored flashes.If a system problem occurs, a blinking LED shows a fault code. Missing: xenon Dec 18, 2012 - Uploaded by JRESHOW. Flash sequence codes 1 through 11 are as follows: LED will turn 'on'.

    The Performance Boost 80 gas furnace line (58PHB) offers better quiet levels and comfort features, with an 80% AFUE efficiency rating.

    4 RED FLASHES: This indicates that the main limit switchhas opened. This no-light condition occurred 3 times (2 retries) during. My furnace trane xe80 is only flashing once my manual says something about flame being locked out.Missing: xenon ‎efficiency Nov 21, 2015 . More than likely it is cycling on its low pressure control. It is an automatic reset device but each time it cycles off, the TDR (time delay relay) keeps it from restarting for approximately 5 minutes. 93 Dodge Stealth Service Manual. A steady and rhythmic 'heartbeat' on the circuit board typically means 'normal' operation.

    Carrier Performance Boost 80 Manual

    If it flashes, stops, flashes, stops etc, it would be giving you a fault code telling you what is cycling it off. You have to count the flashes, slow or fast or a combination of slow and fast and look up the fault codes. Apr 28, 2015 .

    A blinking yellow for this model indicates the TV is too hot, unplug & allow 30-45 min to cool before re-plugging. OR: lamp not installed or lamp door not closed. There is a lamp door switch that may not be closing, simulating door not closed LED Indications The front panel Status LED provides an indication of the set's operation and the possible cause of a malfunction. If an abnormal condition is indicated, perform the Self Diagnostics procedure. Self Diagnostics To activate, press the front panel & buttons at the same time and hold for 5 seconds.

    The STATUS LED will then flash denoting a two digit code. • The number of flashes indicates the value of the MSD (tens digit) of the Error Code.

    • The flashing then pauses for approximately 1/2 second. • The LED then flashes indicating the value of the (ones digit) of the Error Code. • The Error Code is repeated a total of 5 times. Mark Andy 2200 Manual. Example: If the Error Code is '23', the LED will flash two times, pause, and then flash three times.

    Table 2-2: LED Indications Error Codes, descriiptions and the most likely cause of the error are listed in Table 2-3. Note: The TV must be in 'Shut Down.' The LED will probably be indicating an abnormal condition. If the TV is switched Off, AC is removed, or a System Reset is performed, the code automatically resets to '12' No Error.

    See the Error Code Log to retrieve a history of errors. Note: Use the front panel buttons, not the remote control. Note: If there is no response, the front panel may be locked by a V-Chip setting.