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    Shimano 105 Manual

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    SHIMANO 105 Rear Derailleur (10-speed) RD-5700-A-S (SS/GS) Silver Version (Short Cage/Long Cage) RD-5700-A-L (SS/GS) Black Version (Short Cage/Long Cage) Y5XH98010 B-Axle Assembly BA. SHIMANO 105 Front Derailleur for Triple Gear FD-5703-S Silver Version FD-5703-L Black Version ITEM NO. 1 Y5MR98010 Stroke Adjust Screws (M4 x 13) & Plate 2 Y5LW98020 Cable Fixing Plate & Bolt (M5 x 8) A.

    Shimano's 105 groupset has always been the sweetspot of the Japanese manufacturer's range with regard to performance versus value. Thanks to the usual trickle down of technology 105 has followed Dura-Ace and Ultegra by going 11-speed to create what I think is Shimano's best bang-for-buck groupset yet. We'll take a look at each of the components below, going through what changes Shimano have made but more importantly what we think they've achieved. Dual Control Levers (ST-5800) - 9/10 £175.00 - 490g (619g inc. Cables) You can find a Shimano 105 group — and all the parts — or if you prefer to support your local bike shop. The new shift action is the same as that found on the top two groups and is so light and precise it doesn't feel that far removed from Di2 shifting at times, thanks mostly to the much shorter throw at the lever. Each shift is much quicker than previously and the resulting positive click as the gear is selected makes it feel more like a button touch than a lever.

    The new polymer coated cables are responsible for part of this to as are the redesigned front and rear mechs. Shimano have also made the levers more compact which I think makes them fit the hands more naturally and more comfortably than the previous version. A bonus for those with small hands is that you can now adjust the levers within a 10mm range by the turn of a screw, much better than the inserts used previously. The only issue I found was trying to trim the front mech. This requires the tiniest of touches on the lever to get right and nine times out of ten you're just going to end up shifting to the small ring. Brake Callipers (BR-5800) / Direct Mount (BR-5810) - 9/10 £70.00 / £80.00 - 390g Shimano call their latest calliper design SLR-EV Dual Pivot and this is now found on 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

    The new symmetrical twin pivot design equalizes the braking forces through each arm allowing for better control and power, 10% better than the previous 5700 brakes apparently. In practice there is a noticeable improvement in both power and modulation over the old callipers ' and to be honest they were no slouches. Slowing rather than stopping can be achieved with just a couple of fingers applying pressure to the lever and it's easy to avoid locking a wheel. A new brake pad compound has been used and while it's a small improvement it does feel a little more grippy in both the wet and the dry.

    Shimano 105 ManualShimano 105 ManualShimano 105 Manual

    Due to adoption of larger tyres by a lot of road riders the overall shape of the callipers has been tweaked to accept up to 28mm tyres. A more pronounced arc has allowed this to be possible while keeping a standard 49mm drop. If you've got a frame with direct mount points fear not as you'll be able to use the BR-5810 versions which use the same SLR-EV design but with two frame mounting points rather than the traditional single.

    The front brake is designed for front of fork positioning and the rear for under chain stay attachment. Chainset (FC-5800) - 9/10 £120.00 - 737g Whatever you think of the four arm design it seems to be here to stay as it trickles down through Shimano's range. Personally I love it. 1978 Dodge Van Service Manual. You can chose from two compact options, 34/50 and 36/52, or a standard 39/53. The beauty of the design is that they all use the same bolt circle diameter so if you want to switch between it's only a matter of swapping rings rather than the whole chainset. The new 105 cranks are available in the usual 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths, so there's plenty of choice to suit the majority of riders. The arms use the the same cold forged Hollowtech construction that Shimano have used for years to keep weight down and stiffness up.

    Shimano 105 Cassette Manual

    Shimano chainsets have always been renowned for their stiffness and this version is no different. In fact the chain rings have been reinforced to make it stiffer than the chainset it replaces. Regardless of how much power you put through the cranks there is no detectable flex there whatsoever. The cranks can be used with Shimano's standard outboard bearing bottom bracket or the various press fit options depending on what frame you have. Front Derailleur (FD-5800) - 10/10 £26.00 - 88g The design of the new front mech is probably the most obvious change with the newly shaped link arm.

    It's longer to create more leverage and therefore less effort to effect the shift. Couple that with a new spring mechanism and the shifting is smooth, fast and precise. I also think the curvy shape is a work of art. Shimano provide a plastic alignment tool to position the derailleur correctly for the shifter cable angle.

    That's sensible considering the range of cabling options we get from various frames these days. There are two mounting options depending on your frame, either a braze on version or a 34.9mm diameter band on.

    Both have a recommended maximum chainring of 53-teeth, not such good news for time triallists. Rear Derailleur (RD-5800) - 10/10 £37.00 - 230g The geometry of the derailleur has been changed quite a bit as has the cable pitch to give more 'robust adjustment' whatever that means. Thanks to that and the new lighter spring balance the shifting is absolutely spot on. With the bike on the workstand we played a game of seeing how fast we could shift before the mech became flustered but it's safe to say your finger will make a mistake first.