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    Thomson Reuters Accelus Technical Manual

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    Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning Empower your employees with our practical, interactive and customizable compliance learning courses. Our course library of over 800 courses is available in 42 languages and covers the leading compliance topics in today’s regulatory environment. • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing • Prevention of Corrupt Practices • Conduct Risk (Organizational Integrity and Culture) • Market Conduct and Fraud • Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security • Maintaining a Respectful Workplace • Risk Management Whether you are a small business or a global enterprise, we can provide training to suit your regulatory requirements. Educate your business, change behavior and manage risk. As senior management and regulators demand a greater level of visibility into reporting on compliance efforts, traditional methods of manual record-keeping are becoming less effective. Our learning management system can record full details of all types of training, including our own courses, internally-run initiatives and 3rd-party courses, providing a comprehensive audit trail to demonstrate training compliance, every time. Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning ensures that your employees have the right information to make compliant decisions and protect your business from risk.

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    Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions – for the trusted answers that help you anticipate, mitigate and act on risk with confidence.

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    What is e-Billing? E-Billing is the Thomson Reuters Web-based, paper-free billing service. It allows customers to retrieve and view their invoices and credit notes via email. In addition to making the invoice more accessible, e-Billing enables Thomson Reuters to provide a value-added service to its customers. Benefits for customers include: • Quicker distribution of invoices • Simplified invoice approval process • No manual data entry • Easier invoice analysis • More convenient access to invoices Does e-Billing mean that my invoice will arrive via email? From the email, you can link to the site where you can retrieve your documents in PDF, which look like your traditional mailed documents. What can I do with an invoice in PDF?

    • Save to your own system or computer • Print the document • Fax the document • Attach the document to an email How do I sign up for e-Billing? It is an easy, step-by-step process to sign up for e-Billing. Locate your Thomson Reuters account number and a past invoice number and visit our sign-up page. Follow the simple steps, and you will soon be enjoying the benefits of Thomson Reuters e-Billing. If you have any questions during sign up, please contact customer service. Why do you need my email address? We will email your PDF link directly to you via email when your bill is available.

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    What do I need in order to receive invoices electronically? In order to use the Thomson Reuters e-Billing service, you will need: • An email address • Internet access and a Web browser • Adobe Acrobat Reader™ software How long will invoices be available for viewing via the website? Invoices will be available for viewing via the e-Billing website for 60 days. You may sign up for My Account and have access to all of your invoice history.

    Can I send the e-bill to more than one email address? Yes, you can send the e-bill to more than one email address. You can manage your eBilling Contacts in My Account or contact Customer Service for assistance. Will I continue to receive a paper bill in the mail?

    Once enrolled, you will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail. You will receive an email PDF that will be sent to the email address provided by you at enrollment. What will the paperless billing email notification say each month?

    2017 Bmw 3 Series Owners Manual. The email will give you basic invoice information along with links to your PDF invoice and to My Account for easy and secure payment. What email address will my bill be sent from?

    Your bill will come from [email protected] Please add [email protected] to your list of safe email contacts to ensure these messages go to your inbox and do not get routed to your junk mail folder. How do I make a payment when I have signed up for paperless billing? Thomson Reuters offers a variety of ways to pay your bill.